Rental Management:

Put the management of your rented properties in our hands. We relieve you, attend to the tasks you give us and make sure they are completed in your interests. By means of an uncomplicated process of management tasks and due to friendly and capable care of your tenants, we assure the optimal regulation of your property.

By involving competent partners and permanent control we provide the certainty that your property will be managed in an objective, value retentive and value increasing manner.

WEG Administration:

For joint ownership communities we undertake a comprehensive, clearly laid out and expert administration of the jointly owned property based on the law governing immovable property (WEG).

Special Renting Management:

In addition to the WEG management we offer special property management (SEV) for special and part owners.

By means of our Internet Owner Service, all owners can refer to the income and expenditure or “their” property at all times.


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